About us

The characteristics of our work are circular economy, prevention of waste and conservation of natural resources. Since 1991, we have been developing integrated environmental protection services tailored to clients within each industry.

Since our foundation in 1991 , we have provided integrated services to more than 50,000 clients in all industry sectors according to their individual needs, with annual sales of approximately 1.05 billion euros (2020). We employ 2,000 people at 40 locations in 8 countries.




Billions of annual turnover


A year of experience






Satisfied clients

What we offer you

  • solutions for environmental protection adapted to the client
  • innovative recycling procedures
  • award-winning secondary raw materials
  • comprehensive portfolio of services
  • over 30 years of experience in the industry
  • service throughout the country

Areas of our business

Innovative solutions for recycling

Raw materials obtained from recycling provide companies with the opportunity to rethink their products. We organize the return and recycling of packaging materials and process raw materials in market-compatible quality based on customer requirements.

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Your partner for waste management

Individual solutions bring maximum success – and this also applies to disposal and waste management in the company, which we design with an innovative approach to be sustainable, comprehensive and efficient.

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Circular solutions for closing material loops

We encourage our clients to take responsibility for their products – with a logistics system that enables the circular flow of materials and reversibility in production, new business models and the optimal connection of our services.

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Solutions for workspaces

We provide efficient waste and facilities management services in the form of individual solutions. In this way, we help clients improve their real estate in the direction of the circular economy.

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International solutions

In order to comprehensively implement the circular economy, we work on an international level, advise in the field of the environment and optimize solutions for waste disposal.

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History - key milestones

2022 : We opened a company for waste management and conservation of natural resources in Serbia.

2019 : Right at the entry into force of the German Packaging Act 1. January 2019: after the successful launch of the online packaging licensing store Lizenzero summer. 2018, the dual system Interzero (DSI) is available to entrepreneurs dealing with packaging of any dimensions, with its solutions designed according to the needs of clients.

Interzero continues to develop its range of services, and is present with its environmental protection services in Austria, Slovenia , Poland , Croatia , the Czech Republic and Italy .


2018 : For the eleventh time in a row, the Institute for Technology in the Field of Environment, Safety and Energy in Frauenhof ( Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT ) proved the positive effects of the circular application of valuable substances. Zu to, since 2018. companies have the possibility to optimize the recyclability of their packaging based on the scientifically based “Made for Recycling” method. It continued with the fact that in 2018 Interzero and Saubermacher AG founded the joint venture SIMPLi RETURN GmbH , the first system for taking over used lithium-ion batteries and recycling them.


2017 : The brandused.com online store goes live: used, assembled IT-devices or unused technical products from company sales or storage sales are sold here to end customers, in order to give the devices a second life cycle.


2016: Interzero celebrates its 25 years of success. Thanks to the trust of our domestic and international clients, we returned over 15 million tons of used packaging raw materials to the circular economy and thus saved precious primary sources. A new competence center for plastic recycling was opened in Maribor, Slovenia, and Encory was founded, a 50:50 joint venture. ALBA Group and BMW Group for sustainable management of automotive components.


2015 : Interzero expands sustainability reporting and launches its annual sustainability magazine. The journalistic publication presents Interzero’s best practices in sustainability – both within the company and in cooperation with clients.


2013 : Interzero publishes its first Sustainability Report, which for the first time documents in detail and systematically how Interzero’s own processes and client projects are designed to be environmentally and socially compatible. The report presents key events and key data for the period from 2010. until 2012 and is in accordance with the internationally applicable guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


2011: Toom Baumarkt’s paint bucket becomes the first product on the market made of Procyclen, a recycled plastic developed by Interzero. The material used for the bin is produced almost entirely from plastic waste collected in German recycling systems.


2009: Flows of plastic materials are closed: Interzero develops “Recycled-Resource”, a multi-award-winning process for recycling plastic materials.


2008: Interzero becomes part of the ALBA Group, which specializes in recycling and supply of raw materials, thereby adding the Group’s know-how to its portfolio.


2007: The year of pooling : Interzero establishes an innovative solution for packaging transport.


2006: Interzero becomes the first company on the German market to obtain a national license for its recycling services in the German “dual system”. The resulting market competition in Germany has significantly increased the recycling rates of packaging waste.


2005: Interzero presents a range of disposable drink containers. We now operate in ten container counting stations and in one mobile container counting center.


2000: With Repasack, Interzero offers a unique, European return and recycling system for kraft paper bags. The company is getting into environmental education with the launch of its award-winning “Eco Dragon” project to collect empty printer cartridges in schools and kindergartens.


1997: Interzero’s service company goes international with the establishment of Interzero Austria GmbH, the Austrian subsidiary and system operator. In the following years, it sees continued expansion into other European countries.


1991 : That’s when it all started. In the beginning, the company’s operations were focused on improving packaging waste recycling procedures. Interzero began expanding its portfolio as a global provider of integrated environmental services, setting world standards for waste prevention, high-tech sorting and innovative recycling solutions.

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