Interzero modular solution for companies of all sizes interested in developing recyclable and sustainable packaging.

Made for circle
Made for circle

Module 1: Preliminary analysis

Assessment of the current situation

  • Describe the customer's requirements
  • Define the packaging data specification
  • Describe the packing process


  • What are the product packaging requirements?
  • What to pay attention to?
  • Preliminary analysis of regulations, recycling possibilities and the impact of current packaging on the environment
  • Search for alternative materials
  • Identification of potential suppliers

Packaging design

  • Creation of new packaging concepts
  • Recyclability check and life cycle assessment for new concepts
  • Comparison of recyclability and life cycle assessment

Solution design

  • Presentation of the results
  • Presentation of further procedure

Module 2: Detailed analysis

Made for circle

Analysis of product requirements

  • What are the product packaging requirements?
  • What additional restrictions should we pay attention to?

Evaluation of packaging machines

  • Which machines are being used?
  • Details of the packaging manufacturing process
Made for circle

Module 3: Solution design

Redesign and improvement of packaging

  • Redesign of the new custom packaging (structure and materials)
  • In-depth regulatory analysis of the new solution
  • Defining a new solution with the client
  • Coordination with packaging suppliers


  • Accompanying and supporting the first tests on the customer's machine

Module 4: Impact assessment

Made for circle

Assessment of packaging´s recyclability

  • Assessment of packaging recyclability

Environmental impact assessment

  • Comparative assessment of the impact of a new packaging solution on the environment (LCA screening)
Made for circle

Module 5: Certification

Certification of recyclability

The recyclability of packaging can be certified by Interzero, according to the “Made4Recycling” method

Impact certificate

  • The results of the detailed analysis can be certified by a third party (certification body)


Made 4 Circle is Interzero’s solution for companies of all sizes interested in developing sustainable, recyclable packaging

Made 4 Circle’s goal is to help customers identify their packaging challenges and offer a suitable solution.

It is divided into 4 main steps:

  1. Preliminary analysis
  2. Assessment
  3. Detailed analysis
  4. Impact assessment

Made 4 Circle is a strategic tool that supports your company in making the right decision for the eco-design of your packaging/packaging innovation.

Designed to be flexible, purposeful and modular, Made 4 Circle solves multiple challenges aimed at improving the recyclability of packaging through accurate and tailored analysis.

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the industry, Interzero is active in the field of packaging recycling and consulting solutions for companies of all sizes internationally.

To remain competitive and sustainable. Recyclable packaging is an essential part of a company’s sustainability strategy and an increasingly important factor in purchasing decisions.

In addition, legislation is becoming more stringent in order to achieve sustainability goals such as waste reduction and resource preservation.

According to the latest proposals on packaging and packaging waste, the European Commission has a goal of 2030. to make all packaging suitable for reuse or recycling in an economically profitable way and to limit the amount of packaging, excess packaging, and thus also packaging waste.

Made 4 Circle is a solution developed by Interzero to support the development of packaging that can be recycled in accordance with European regulations.

Using Made 4 Circle, we analyze your packaging and collect all data related to it.

Interzero’s industry experience gives us access to the best and most innovative packaging solutions.

There are several factors that determine the duration of the Made 4 Circle process, such as:

  • Bussines needs
  • Company´s chalenges
  • Scope of the project
  • Adjustments required

After the first meeting, Interzero is able to identify and develop the best solution at the right moment to achieve your goals.

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No, Made 4 Circle experts use your results in further analysis.

Made 4 Circle is a circular solution from Interzero aimed at companies of all sizes interested in developing sustainable packaging that can be recycled.

Stay competitive More and more consumers/buyers make eco friendly purchasing decisions.

Save on costs. For future eco-modulation scheme fees based on recyclable packaging materials.

Conformity. Legal requirements for packaging are becoming more stringent as the focus is increasingly on recyclability.

Green marketing. Your reputation in the market is improving.

Made 4 Circle is a tailor-made solution based on individual needs and expectations.

After the first meeting, Interzero is able to identify and develop the best solution at the right moment to achieve your goals.

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