Why us?

We started in 1991. year, and today we are the leader in Europe. Anyone who wants to turn our vision of a zero-waste future into a career is welcome to join our team. We offer integrated environmental services to clients across all industries, and career opportunities at Interzero are as diverse as our recycling and environmental services. Together with you, we want to create a world without waste. We care about a good atmosphere and direct relationships. Only in this way can innovative solutions be created. We are focused on close cooperation and exchange of experiences. We are building the culture of our company. We constantly invest in the development of our employees and strengthen our talents.

Our values

  • Respect - We meet with curiosity and interest and acknowledge our differences. When communicating, we pay attention to manners and tone and assume good intentions. We recognize and appreciate the results of work and performance.
  • Connecting - We actively connect and make time for personal contact. In interaction, it is important to listen and ask questions. We ensure that knowledge and information are transferred and acquired in a targeted, timely and targeted manner. We are open to change, we provide incentives and develop ideas.
  • Responsibility - We stick to agreements and obligations and fulfill the defined role. We are moving in a common direction and actively shaping the future with commitment and awareness of solutions. In active support and care, we carefully handle our own and external resources.

Interzero promotes diversity, equality and prevents exclusion. Employment decisions are made solely on the basis of an individual’s competencies and qualifications, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Our areas of activity

Find out in which area you want to leave your mark and influence changes in the world.



Working in the sales department includes not only establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, the negotiation process and agreeing the details of our services, but also a lot of knowledge about the world without waste that we offer customers from the first contact. The basis of our offer is a focus strictly on the customer’s expectations and solutions, often non-standard, adapted precisely to his needs



Our operational departments provide a wide range of environmental services for our clients, take care of their specific needs, automate and continuously improve the processes of our services, and actively participate in the design and implementation of ecological solutions adapted to the individual expectations of customers.

Trgovina sirovinama

Trade in raw materials

We have a diverse set of competencies, including sales skills and expertise in waste management. Our “Traders” are experts in the field of waste recycling and are well connected to centers where they process even the most demanding, unusual or hazardous waste.



As environmental consultants, we provide our detailed professional, operational and legal knowledge by preparing studies and/or opinions on concrete environmental solutions, problematic situations or safely guiding our clients through the labyrinth of valid legal regulations and formal procedures in the field of environmental protection. We also support our clients in the implementation of effective educational actions in the field of environmental protection.

Funkcije podrške

Support functions

The departments of marketing, digitizalisation/e-business, HR or administration provide daily support in the field of professional implementation of services for our users, as well as in providing tools and solutions for the improvement of Interzero’s internal business.

Financije i kontroling

Finance and Controlling

Our colleagues in the financial services ensure that everything in the accounting books is harmonized, that the company operates in accordance with applicable regulations, and that detailed financial data, analyzes and reports are accessed efficiently and quickly with modern tools.

Selection procedure

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In order to check your competences, way of thinking and compliance with the role you are applying for, we will present to you exactly what you would do and what would be expected of you.

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