Packaging development: From analyzing the recyclability of your packaging to optimized packaging - Interzero supports you all the way!

Our vision is a future without waste. To achieve this goal, we offer a wide range of solutions that save resources and ensure that the loop is closed. From the analysis of your packaging through “Made for Recycling” to the optimization process of “Made for Circle” packaging to other laboratory services that we can provide you at the Competence Center for Laboratory Services in Maribor.

Choose an analysis or optimization solution tailored to your needs

Check for recycling: checking the possibility of recycling your packaging

We analyze the recyclability of your packaging using a software tool that determines the possibility of collecting, sorting and processing the packaging.

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Made for Recycling: Your Recyclability Analysis

Would you like to know how recyclable your packaging is? Here you will find more information and our offer!

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Packaging optimization with Made4Circle

From analysis of real raw materials and prototyping to optimized packaging including certification.

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Competence center for laboratory analyses

From various laboratory analyzes to own production of plastic for individual recycling.

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Comparison of Made for Recycling vs. Made for Circle

Made for Recycling - analysis of recycling possibilities

As the name suggests, at Made for Recycling we deal with the possibility of recycling your packaging. This is a scientifically based assessment method that was developed together with the environmental institute BIFA and tested by the experts of the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV. We carry out this laboratory packaging analysis in Maribor at the Interzero competence center.

With very good recyclability, your packaging can be certified with the seal of approval “Made for Recycling” . This way you can also prove your commitment to sustainability to your customers!

What if your packaging does not meet these standards?

This is exactly where our Made for Circle process comes into play. We work with you to design your packaging so that we can deliver optimized packaging upon completion.

Made for Circle - start optimizing

The packaging optimization process can be divided into six phases, which we set up for you in a modular manner. In the first phase, we deal with the analysis of your packaging, that is, we check the possibility of recycling and use the already recognized Made for Recycling process.

At the end of the entire process, after successful optimization, we offer you the possibility of certification, which is visible with the “Made for Recycling” approval mark.

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