CHECK FOR RECYCLING - Do you want to make your packaging more sustainable?

Recycling represents an effective way of preserving natural resources and the possibility of including waste raw materials in the circular economy cycle. If the amount of single-use plastic is not limited, it is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

In order to close the circle of materials, it is necessary to know the proper procedure of separate waste collection.Bottles made from recycled PET material, for example, have become a textbook example of reuse in the packaging industry. With the “Check for recycling” check for recycling, Interzero brings sustainable strategic measures in the field of packaging to the Croatian market.

Check the recyclability of your product’s packaging and get the “Check for recycling” sign, which will place you among the companies that manage their packaging sustainably. We analyze the recyclability of your packaging using a software tool that determines the possibility of collecting, sorting and processing the packaging. Based on good input data, you can get a quick assessment of the recyclability of your packaging.

If your packaging has achieved a high recyclability rating, you will receive a “Check for recycling” mark. Otherwise, we provide expert guidance on how to improve the packaging. The service is intended for suppliers and companies that sell packaging or products in their own packaging.

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Katarina Jerbić

Head of enviromental consulting

T +385 91 611 8043