MADE FOR RECYCLING - Is your packaging suitable for recycling?

Designing recyclable packaging and avoiding non-recyclable waste is an increasingly important task for retailers, leading brands and packaging manufacturers.

Evaluation of packaging in terms of recyclability

Recyclability refers to the degree to which materials used in the production of products whose life cycle has expired can be returned to the material cycle and thus close the material loop.

In the packaging evaluation process, we check:

  • Will the end user (household) know how to properly separate the packaging and put it in the recycling system?
  • What are the physical properties of the packaging in order for the sorting system to recognize it and separate it correctly?
  • Is there a local infrastructure for recycling this material?

We carry out advanced laboratory measurements, analyzes and ecological diagnostics of processes that enable optimization of product packaging according to EU directives. With the help of a rating scale, we will determine the threshold and target values ​​for the recyclability of your packaging materials.

We will also provide guidance on how to improve or award a certificate for the achieved high level of recyclability of your packaging.


Do you know how recyclable your packaging is?

In cooperation with the German institute Bifa, Interzero has developed the “Made for Recycling” service – a check of the recyclability of packaging based on generally accepted standards developed and approved by independent international institutes. The verification process is simple. Interzero analyzes packaging samples in its Plastics Recycling Competence Center and determines to what extent the packaging can be recycled. Here we use a scoring and evaluation system based on various factors: the size of the packaging, its conductivity, whether the end user will be able to separate it properly, whether there is an infrastructure nearby for recycling used packaging materials, etc. The method is the result of Interzero Group’s own development. After the packaging evaluation process is completed, we draw up a report and issue a certificate of the packaging sampling results. If the level of recyclability of packaging is not sufficient, we also prepare a plan to improve recyclability.


Steps to certification and Made for recycling quality mark:

  • You send 5 packing samples.
  • Your packaging is tested and analyzed at the Competence Center for Plastics, Maribor, Slovenia.
  • You receive a certificate and report on recyclability that contains specific and practical recommendations if further action is required.
  • You optimize your packaging.
  • We review and analyze your improvements again.


High recyclability

Packaging can be recycled well above the minimum legal standard.

Optimal use

They are valuable materials that can be reused in new products and packaging.

Correct waste disposal

The consumer knows how to sort them and throw them away.


More responsibility

You make an important contribution to the promotion of the circular economy.

Efficient sorting

In sorting systems, they are assigned to the right material.

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