Trade in raw materials

Interzero buys recycled materials throughout the Republic of Croatia, processes them and supplies the industry with high-quality recycled raw materials for new products , thereby making its contribution to the circular economy.

Buying, selling, recycling: the engine of sustainable development

By buying, selling and recycling recyclable materials, Interzero invests in resource conservation and enables a circular economy. We process used materials in our own facilities or at our partners, and then deliver sorted and recycled resources to industry. As an authorized waste management company, Interzero meets the highest standards in the field of material recycling.

The most common raw materials that we buy, sell and recycle are: paper and cardboard, different types of plastic polymers, metals (non-ferrous and black).

We close the loops

We close the cycles of waste raw materials and thereby protect natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Based on professional knowledge, many years of experience and a wide network of waste streams, we can help you in the procurement of any raw material. Together we create a network that suits you, from which you can get recycled plastic or other raw materials you need.

In recycling facilities in Germany, a wide range of fractions and polyolefins can be processed into sorted recyclates. As raw material, we use materials from household recycling collections, mainly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) packaging. We use it for the production of various products: Granulat Recythen is suitable, for example, for the production of cable drums, garden furniture and drainage and protection pipes for cables. Procyclen is an award-winning, flexible compound. Thanks to special formulations, it can be precisely adapted to customer requirements in terms of flowability, durability, UV and heat or color resistance. The following applies: Similar to a new crude oil-based material, Procyclen meets the high demands for new product or packaging properties – and can also be processed by injection or extrusion processes, which differentiates us from the competition.

Read about an example of a successful circular solution designed by Interzero together with its partners for the Donat brand here.

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