Collection of returnable and non-returnable packaging

Friendly employees of Interzero collect packaging directly from citizens in the client’s store or in the shopping center and sort all the packaging received on machines for automatic packaging collection.

Employees pack this packaging in the bags provided for it, transfer it from the packaging area to containers, order removal if necessary, and fill out the accompanying, legally required documentation during removal.

The satisfaction of your customers

Our employees in your store and shopping center will collect the packaging personally from customers or from the device for automatic packaging collection. This way of working makes handing over packaging to your customers simpler, faster and more pleasant, and reduces the possibility of receiving defective packaging that is not in the Fund’s system, thus reducing the costs of receiving such packaging to a minimum. Interzero assumes the Fund’s fines for taking over packaging that is not in the Fund’s system. Our employees are educated and friendly and professional in contact with your customers.

Note: Interzero only works with legal entities at the locations of legal entities (retail chains, recycling yards…).

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for an offer.


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    We are looking for more executors to work on the acceptance of packaging for seasonal needs throughout the country.

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