Resources SAVED by recycling: Recycling is creating value

Through our work, together with our customers, we contribute to the preservation of valuable resources and climate protection. The renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT supports the positive ecological effects of this obligation in regular studies.

Our annual study “Resources SAVED by recycling” shows that recycling significantly relieves the environment – and makes an important contribution to securing raw materials. Valid numbers are a key factor in clarifying the benefits of recycling and thus supporting the circular transformation of the economy. In cooperation with Fraunhofer UMSICHT, we therefore prepare a comprehensive life cycle assessment every year. It enables precise quantification of savings in resources and greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore, Interzero is only in 2022. saved more than 2.1 million tons of primary raw materials in Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy and Slovenia by recycling about 8.7 million tons of recyclable materials. At the same time, about one million million tons of greenhouse gases could be saved. This is comparable to a weight of 174. 267 family houses. In addition, it was possible to avoid the emission of about one million tons of greenhouse gases – which is equivalent to the average annual CO2 emissions from more than 100,000 family homes.

Dr. Ing. Markus Hiebel

“Now in its fifteenth year, this study makes the environmental benefits of recycling tangible and understandable. Looking to the future, this will be increasingly important to raise awareness of climate action and the sustainable handling of our raw materials among businesses and consumers,”

Dr.-ing. Markus Hiebel
Head of the Sustainability and Resource Management Department of the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT


In 2022, Interzero saved 8.7 million tons of primary resources by recycling 2.1 million tons of recyclable material.


Interzero's recycling activities have saved 1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.


By recycling electronic devices, 2.3 million tons of primary raw materials were saved.


The company processed 721,353 tons of paper and cardboard, saving about 180,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.


More than 500,000 tons of waste glass could be recycled, reducing the use of primary raw materials by 1 million tons.


The company recycled more than 500,000 tons of plastic, saving more than 2 million tons of primary raw materials.

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