is Interzero's solution for companies of any size interested in monitoring sustainability-related data.

With 30 years of industry and consulting experience, Interzero's Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is an indispensable tool for in-depth analysis of your environmental KPIs.

With a proven track record, Interzero is well equipped to enhance your organization’s sustainability initiatives, set goals, monitor progress, and ultimately improve your overall strategy

1 Context Analysis

  • Preliminary Analysis: Understand the client's unique context for effective sustainability planning.
  • Process Analysis: Define sustainability goals, relevant KPIs, and data integration strategy.
  • Macro-goals Definitions: Set up specific sustainability goals aligning with business objectives.

2 Data Analysis

  • Relevant KPIs: Define proper and comprehensive data for meaningful insights.
  • Available Data Analysis
  • Input Data Definition
  • Input Data Process Setup

3 Data Input

  • Input Data Template
  • Data Verification: Check data accuracy to ensure reliable results.
  • Data Input Support

4 Dashboard

  • Multi-level KPIs: Monitor the parameters for reporting purposes.
  • Reporting: Gain actionable insights at a glance.

5 Interpretation

  • Critical Reviews of Results: Help clients gain a deeper understanding of the data and its implications.
  • Focus on Specific KPIs: Gain tailored explanations.

6 Performance Improvement

  • Definition of Action Plans: Assess performance against KPIs and identify areas for enhancement.
  • Adjusting Goals: Tailor improvement measures based on the KPIs and objectives.
  • Support to Implementation


The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is Interzero’s solution for organizations of any size interested in monitoring sustainability-related data. Our dashboard provides easy access to various environmental KPIs such as energy consumption, emissions, water consumption, waste management and other environmental factors.

The calculations of the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard are based on the most important international standards:

  • Global Reporting Initiative – GRI
  • Greenhouse Gas Initiative – GHG
  • Cumulative energy demand – CED

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The Interzero methodology is certified by GRI, GHG and CED organizations.

Our sustainability dashboard is fully compliant with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Single Reporting System (ESRS). We closely monitor the development of ESRS and are committed to making any necessary adjustments to ensure continued compliance.

You can view the official statement of GRI alignment to ESRS on the Global Reporting Initiative website: Link to GRI ESRS Alignment

The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is the strategic tool that helps your organization make data-driven decisions about your sustainability performance.

The Interzero Dashboard presents important environmental indicators and data in a clear and understandable way: The level of detail to be displayed can be customized to the user’s needs.

Interzero supports you with experienced environmental impact assessment and reporting consulting:

  • Context and data analysis, setting up/updating input data.
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Performance improvement – setting goals, defining action plans, …
  • Ongoing support for dashboard management

By analyzing key environmental metrics, Interzero can identify inefficiencies, improve corporate sustainability efforts, set goals, track progress, and improve overall environmental strategy.

The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard plays a critical role in helping companies review their environmental performance and make informed decisions. It provides data visualization and enables stakeholders to identify trends, set goals, measure progress, and identify areas for improvement.

It strengthens transparency, accountability and sustainable practices.

Scope 3 impact calculations are performed according to established sustainability reporting standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), specifically GRI 305-3 and 305-5, as well as guidelines on greenhouse gases (GHG) and cumulative energy demand (CED). It is important to note that the collection of Scope 3 data is the responsibility of the customer and we provide tools and support to assist in this process.

It can include a wide range of data, including energy consumption data, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, waste generation and recycling rates, renewable energy production, and other relevant environmental indicators.

The specific data included can be customized to the organization’s goals, industry, and priorities.

All data is securely stored at AWS, the world leader in cloud computing, in its Frankfurt data center. Our data security measures include regular security audits and compliance with the GDPR and other relevant data protection regulations to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data.

No, the dashboard does not generate a sustainability report. Instead, it provides KPIs that can be incorporated into a sustainability report.
Interzero can create a sustainability report for your company. The data generated by the dashboard is compatible with the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and therefore suitable for inclusion in the report.

Of course, we can create a sustainability report tailored to your company’s needs. The data generated by the dashboard meets the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and is therefore suitable for integration into the report.
Please contact our sustainability experts

The Interzero Dashboard provides the data and insights required for sustainability reporting in the standard format of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI, 300 series). It enables organizations to collect, analyze and present environmental performance data in a standardized and transparent way. This data can be used to produce sustainability reports, respond to stakeholder inquiries, fulfill reporting obligations, and demonstrate the organization’s commitment to sustainability.

Interzero has extensive experience in measuring environmental impacts against international standards, starting with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. We have conducted numerous LCA studies in various industries that provide valuable insights into sustainability practices and help companies reduce their environmental footprint.

Our expertise and commitment to sustainability make us a trusted partner for organizations looking to improve their environmental performance.

The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard offers organizations numerous benefits by providing a clear and concise visual representation of environmental performance and enabling informed decision making.

  • To reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Compliance with regulatory and ESG requirements, as these become more stringent, and environmental performance are increasingly in focus.
  • To stay competitive. More and more consumers/buyers are making environmentally friendly purchasing decisions.
  • By communicating with green, you also improve your image in the market. CALCULATION METHOD*
    based on international standards: GRI – GHG – CED.
    *Certification in progress

Our solution is customizable and addresses the needs of your business, whether at the corporate or individual level.

It is a customized solution based on individual needs and expectations.

After the initial detailed discussion, Interzero will assess your organization’s needs and provide the best solution for your requirements.


Your contact person:

Katarina Jerbić

    resources saved 2023

    Studies and certificates New

    Resource conservation and climate protection

    Interzero works with customers and partners to close raw material loops and achieve long-term climate change mitigation and resource conservation. The prestigious Fraunhofer UMSICHT publishes studies confirming the positive ecological effects of our work.

    Scientifically proven climate protection

    In its annual study “resources SAVED by recycling”, the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT calculates the extent to which the environment has been helped by Interzero’s recycling services. In 2022 alone, this study showed that 2.1 million tons of resources were handled by closed-loop systems run by Interzero’s companies such as Interzero in Germany, Austria, Poland; Italy and Slovenia, saving around 8.7 million tons of primary raw materials . This is comparable to the weight of 174,267 single-family homes . The companies also saved around 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – this corresponds to the average annual CO 2 emissions of over 100,000 four-person households .

    Reducing transportation, reusing IT devices

    In another study from the “resources SAVED” series, Fraunhofer UMSICHT looked at the positive impact on resources and the climate from the refurbishing and reuse of IT and communications devices , as organized by Interzero. As one example, using refurbishment to extend the service life of just one laptop saves around 181 kg of primary raw materials and 154 kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Interzero’s Mobile Counting Center (MCC) also helps save resources. The local availability of the mobile counting service for non-refillable bottles means companies avoid long trips to stationary counting centers. “resources SAVED” shows that the MCC’s annual CO 2 savings equal the amount removed by around three wooded football pitches.

    Dr. Ing. Markus Hiebel

    “From recyclable product design to sustainable recovery, successful circular transformation requires all stakeholders in the value chain to pull together.”

    Dr.-Ing. Markus Hiebel
    Head of Department Sustainability and Resource Management Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT


    In 2022, Interzero conserved 8.7 million tons of primary resources by recycling 2.1 million tons of raw materials.


    The recycling activities of Interzero reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 1 million tons in the past year.


    Recycling of electrical appliances saved more than 2.3 million tons of primary resources.


    The company processed more than 700 million tons of paper, paperboard and cardboard, thus avoiding around 180,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.


    A total of more than 500,000 tons of used glass was recycled, which reduced the use of primary raw material by 1 million tons.


    The company recycled more than 570,000 tons of plastic, thereby conserving more than 2 million tons of primary raw materials.

    "resources SAVED" certificates for our customers and partners

    Sustainable competitive advantage: In cooperation with Interzero, you improve your ecological footprint and strengthen the bond with your customers. We show the amount of primary raw materials and greenhouse gases saved with us in your individual resource protection certificate, measured by your individual contribution – whether this is through recycling, the reuse of IT equipment or the reduction of transport routes.

    Leaflet ‘resources SAVED by recycling’ study



      Interzero modular solution for companies of all sizes interested in developing recyclable and sustainable packaging.

      Made for circle
      Made for circle

      Module 1: Preliminary analysis

      Assessment of the current situation

      • Describe the customer's requirements
      • Define the packaging data specification
      • Describe the packing process


      • What are the product packaging requirements?
      • What to pay attention to?
      • Preliminary analysis of regulations, recycling possibilities and the impact of current packaging on the environment
      • Search for alternative materials
      • Identification of potential suppliers

      Packaging design

      • Creation of new packaging concepts
      • Recyclability check and life cycle assessment for new concepts
      • Comparison of recyclability and life cycle assessment

      Solution design

      • Presentation of the results
      • Presentation of further procedure

      Module 2: Detailed analysis

      Made for circle

      Analysis of product requirements

      • What are the product packaging requirements?
      • What additional restrictions should we pay attention to?

      Evaluation of packaging machines

      • Which machines are being used?
      • Details of the packaging manufacturing process
      Made for circle

      Module 3: Solution design

      Redesign and improvement of packaging

      • Redesign of the new custom packaging (structure and materials)
      • In-depth regulatory analysis of the new solution
      • Defining a new solution with the client
      • Coordination with packaging suppliers


      • Accompanying and supporting the first tests on the customer's machine

      Module 4: Impact assessment

      Made for circle

      Assessment of packaging´s recyclability

      • Assessment of packaging recyclability

      Environmental impact assessment

      • Comparative assessment of the impact of a new packaging solution on the environment (LCA screening)
      Made for circle

      Module 5: Certification

      Certification of recyclability

      The recyclability of packaging can be certified by Interzero, according to the “Made4Recycling” method

      Impact certificate

      • The results of the detailed analysis can be certified by a third party (certification body)


      Made 4 Circle is Interzero’s solution for companies of all sizes interested in developing sustainable, recyclable packaging

      Made 4 Circle’s goal is to help customers identify their packaging challenges and offer a suitable solution.

      It is divided into 4 main steps:

      1. Preliminary analysis
      2. Assessment
      3. Detailed analysis
      4. Impact assessment

      Made 4 Circle is a strategic tool that supports your company in making the right decision for the eco-design of your packaging/packaging innovation.

      Designed to be flexible, purposeful and modular, Made 4 Circle solves multiple challenges aimed at improving the recyclability of packaging through accurate and tailored analysis.

      Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the industry, Interzero is active in the field of packaging recycling and consulting solutions for companies of all sizes internationally.

      To remain competitive and sustainable. Recyclable packaging is an essential part of a company’s sustainability strategy and an increasingly important factor in purchasing decisions.

      In addition, legislation is becoming more stringent in order to achieve sustainability goals such as waste reduction and resource preservation.

      According to the latest proposals on packaging and packaging waste, the European Commission has a goal of 2030. to make all packaging suitable for reuse or recycling in an economically profitable way and to limit the amount of packaging, excess packaging, and thus also packaging waste.

      Made 4 Circle is a solution developed by Interzero to support the development of packaging that can be recycled in accordance with European regulations.

      Using Made 4 Circle, we analyze your packaging and collect all data related to it.

      Interzero’s industry experience gives us access to the best and most innovative packaging solutions.

      There are several factors that determine the duration of the Made 4 Circle process, such as:

      • Bussines needs
      • Company´s chalenges
      • Scope of the project
      • Adjustments required

      After the first meeting, Interzero is able to identify and develop the best solution at the right moment to achieve your goals.

      For more information, contact our Team of experts

      No, Made 4 Circle experts use your results in further analysis.

      Made 4 Circle is a circular solution from Interzero aimed at companies of all sizes interested in developing sustainable packaging that can be recycled.

      Stay competitive More and more consumers/buyers make eco friendly purchasing decisions.

      Save on costs. For future eco-modulation scheme fees based on recyclable packaging materials.

      Conformity. Legal requirements for packaging are becoming more stringent as the focus is increasingly on recyclability.

      Green marketing. Your reputation in the market is improving.

      Made 4 Circle is a tailor-made solution based on individual needs and expectations.

      After the first meeting, Interzero is able to identify and develop the best solution at the right moment to achieve your goals.

      For more information, contact our expert team

      See our other solutions for sustainable packaging

      Laboratory analysis

      Made 4 recycling

      Designing recyclable packaging and avoiding non-recyclable waste is an increasingly important task for retailers, leading brands and packaging manufacturers.

      More information
      Made 4 recycling
      Check 4 recycling
      A tool for simple analysis

      Check 4 recycling

      To close the circle of materials, knowledge of the proper procedure for separate waste collection is required. Bottles made from recycled PET material, for example, have become a textbook example of reuse in the packaging industry. With the "Check for recycling" check for recycling, Interzero brings sustainable strategic measures in the field of packaging to the Croatian market.

      I'm interested in more


      Your contact person:

      Katarina Jerbić

        odvoz otpada i ambalaže

        Complete integrated services

        Complete integrated services

        Interzero takes care of comprehensive waste management at locations where large amounts of waste are generated. Leave the waste management to us.

        Your employees should not deal with waste, but with your core business

        At a time when work is becoming expensive, and quality employees are hard to find, it is extremely important to use time efficiently. We relieve you of worries about waste, waste removal and packaging and accompanying documentation.

        We send our employees to the location or work with your employees according to the agreed conditions.

        All solutions in one place

        An Interzero employee at the client's location

        Waste sorting at the client's location

        Installation of Interzero equipment

        Baling of various types of waste

        Separation of useful waste from municipal waste

        Compaction of municipal waste

        Increased control of write-offs of goods in stores

        Management of waste documentation

        Organization of removal through Interzero logistics

        The client decides whether to retain existing collectors or whether Interzero recommends new ones.

        Why choose Interzero as a partner that takes care of your waste?

        Compliance with the law

        Time saving of own employees

        Saving space for waste management

        Savings on waste machines

        Savings and cost control at all times

        Contact us for additional information or an offer.


          Management of material flows

          Management of material flows

          We rely on our strong and extensive network of procurement and recycling of secondary raw materials – we supply you with the raw materials of the future

          At interzero, we firmly believe that by introducing circular concepts that reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency, any company can help the economy move in the right, more sustainable direction.

          We manage networks of all types of waste materials, therefore we will be happy to provide your company with the type of secondary raw material that you need. We also ensure complete transparency of material flows and keep records for you.

          On the graph that represents the circular business of the company, in the upper part you can see where we at Interzero help you by providing secondary raw materials.

          With our world-leading expertise and experience in the field of innovative waste treatment methods, we can help you procure a wide range of raw materials. This includes recycling and reusing your own products. We design for you a suitable network from which you can obtain the raw materials you need and develop methods for adapting recycled plastic to your individual needs.

          Contact us for all material flow management explanations and information on how secondary raw materials can help your company.


            Sorting of raw materials

            Sorting of raw materials

            By quickly separating the waste into different bins, the possibilities for later sorting and obtaining raw materials of the highest quality increase.

            Collection of mixed plastics for sorting

            Whether in bulk or baled, in your warehouse or delivered to us, we take the following raw materials for sorting and put together an individual offer for you:

            • mixed household plastic (yellow bin) baled / bulk
            • PET bottles for sorting (transparent / colorful / chemistry)
            • mixed HDPE – PP – PET – PS
            • mixed hard plastic

            Contact us for more information regarding the sorting of waste raw materials or for an individual offer!




              Institutions for environmental protection

              The three main institutions for environmental protection in the Republic of Croatia are:



              If you are interested in what obligations you have to fulfill according to the mentioned institutions or if you have other questions, please feel free to contact us



                Trade in raw materials

                Trade in raw materials

                Interzero buys recycled materials throughout the Republic of Croatia, processes them and supplies the industry with high-quality recycled raw materials for new products , thereby making its contribution to the circular economy.

                Buying, selling, recycling: the engine of sustainable development

                By buying, selling and recycling recyclable materials, Interzero invests in resource conservation and enables a circular economy. We process used materials in our own facilities or at our partners, and then deliver sorted and recycled resources to industry. As an authorized waste management company, Interzero meets the highest standards in the field of material recycling.

                The most common raw materials that we buy, sell and recycle are: paper and cardboard, different types of plastic polymers, metals (non-ferrous and black).

                We close the loops

                We close the cycles of waste raw materials and thereby protect natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Based on professional knowledge, many years of experience and a wide network of waste streams, we can help you in the procurement of any raw material. Together we create a network that suits you, from which you can get recycled plastic or other raw materials you need.

                In recycling facilities in Germany, a wide range of fractions and polyolefins can be processed into sorted recyclates. As raw material, we use materials from household recycling collections, mainly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) packaging. We use it for the production of various products: Granulat Recythen is suitable, for example, for the production of cable drums, garden furniture and drainage and protection pipes for cables. Procyclen is an award-winning, flexible compound. Thanks to special formulations, it can be precisely adapted to customer requirements in terms of flowability, durability, UV and heat or color resistance. The following applies: Similar to a new crude oil-based material, Procyclen meets the high demands for new product or packaging properties – and can also be processed by injection or extrusion processes, which differentiates us from the competition.

                Read about an example of a successful circular solution designed by Interzero together with its partners for the Donat brand here.

                Contact us and learn more about how waste raw materials can help you with better environmental impact and greater competitiveness.




                  Extended producer responsibility - WEEE packaging B&amp A

                  Extended producer responsibility - WEEE, packaging, B&A

                  We ensure compliance with the EPR for WEEE, packaging and B&A in Croatia and according to the Directives on:

                  • Waste – 2008/98/EU

                  • Packaging – 94/62/EC

                  • WEEE – 2012/19/EU

                  • Batteries – 2006/66/EC

                  YOUR CHALLENGE:

                  • Do you need the service of an authorized representative for: WEEE, packaging or batteries & accumulators?
                  • Are you a manufacturer that puts electric and electronic equiptment, packaging or batteries on the Croatian market?
                  • You don’t have a Croatian VAT number, but you have legal obligations?
                  • Or is it just difficult for you to keep track of the various changes and additions to a large number of ordinances?

                  INTERZERO OFFERS YOU

                  Individual counseling regarding legal obligations

                  Submission of reports to the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund

                  WEEE / packaging / B&A regulatory consulting

                  One contract for EPR in Croatia

                  Visit our new website on Extended Producer Responsibility!

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                  For all questions about the offer, contact our team!

                  Katarina Jerbić

                  Head of enviromental consulting


                  T +385 91 611 8043