The groundbreaking ceremony attracts strong support from local policy makers and project partners

  • Minister Hauk emphasizes the pioneering role of the plant in encouraging the transformation of the circular economy
  • County Commissioner Brötel and Mayor Dörr emphasize excellent cooperation

The guests were representatives of state and regional politics and project partners. Everyone at the event emphasized the positive effects of the project, both for the location itself and for Europe, with the opening of 120 new jobs, the establishment of new recycling technology and OMV’s investment volume of over 170 million euros. Chemical recycling is a technology of the future that, along with conventional mechanical recycling, can significantly increase the proportion of reused plastic and save valuable raw materials from incineration.

“The establishment of the most modern and largest post-sorting facility for packaging waste in all of Europe in Walldürn enhances the location and also represents a strong commitment to confirm Baden-Württemberg as a center for business and innovation. The factory is an important building block on the way to a circular economy that saves resources, reduces dependence on raw materials and protects our climate, while ensuring that jobs and value creation thrive in rural areas,” said Peter Hauk, Baden-Württemberg Minister for Food, rural issues and consumer protection.

Daniela Vlad , Member of the Executive Board of OMV AG and Executive Vice President for Chemicals and Materials: “I would like to thank our joint venture partner Interzero, our technical project partners, and especially the dedicated supporters here on site who are working with us to make this project possible which looks to the future. The new sorting facility here, the expansion of ReOil® technology developed and patented by OMV, and the associated expansion of our ReOil® capacity are further milestones in OMV’s transformation. They point out that ‘we are reinventing the basics for sustainable living’. With this new plant, we will reshape the landscape of our industry, drive the creation of new markets and redefine the future of OMV as we transform into an integrated sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials company.”

Axel Schweitzer , president and owner of Interzero: “This project marks the beginning of a new era in plastic recycling. Together with our strong partner OMV, we use our innovative recycling process to give plastics that are currently incinerated a second life through chemical recycling. I am convinced that with the help of chemical recycling, the recycling rate in Germany can and will increase significantly in the future. This brings us another big step closer to our vision of a world without waste. Many thanks to the teams on both sides who made this possible, and also for the support here in the city, county and state – which already has a good tradition thanks to our existing facility. With the new plant, we are jointly developing Walldürn and the Neckar-Odenwald district into a leading location for the recycling industry in Europe.”

Achim Brötel, prefect of the Neckar-Odenwald district: “For me, the establishment of a new factory is a project close to my heart. Because if we all want a true circular economy so that we can live well in the future, we must proactively promote innovative projects like this. I am delighted that two such strong companies as OMV and Interzero are investing here in our district and that after a very successful preparatory period construction work is now starting”.

Meikel Dörr, Mayor of Walldürn: “Welcome OMV, welcome Interzero, welcome Walldürn. As a representative of the local government, I would like to thank you for your trust and for proving us to be a reliable partner during the preparations for the new building – especially when it comes to protecting the surrounding area in the best possible way with appropriate concepts. As a city, we respect and appreciate that and look forward to the continuation of our constructive cooperation”.

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